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Suatu kehormatan bagi Metafora Indonesia Technology yang mana kami mendapatkan kepercayaan untuk mengembangkan sistem E-Budgeting, E-Controlling dan E-Project untuk Kantor Dinas Sosial Pemerintahan Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Ini juga merupakan salah satu bukti bahwa kami melayani disegala sektor selain sektor swasta kami juga terbuka untuk permintaan kerjasama dengan badan Pemerintahan.

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Short Description: Our attitude at work and in life, to fill our minds with new ideas, by daring to explore.

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Short Description: Tourism Industry is always have big attractiveness when marketing communication can tell their message to travel enthusiasts

Short Description: Creativity is need courage, like this our portfolio for PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo 3)

Short Description: We have Government partnership with Dinas Sosial (Social Government) to create E-Budgeting, E-Controlling and E-Project in Government Central of Java

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Short Description: Communication is the key of marketing, how Speequal ask to Metafora to work in this project to show their identity value in their company profile website

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Short Description: Traditional Culture is Greatest Heritage, But if we know how to keep make it relevance with digital era, we believe your business will always relevance right now and in future

Short Description: Like our tag line, with digital we empowering your business. In this project we have chance to develop one of startup in pharmacy sector (Farmasoft.id)

Short Description: Sustainable Business is Business who can move and dynamic in digital era

Short Description: A strong corporate identity can improve customer awareness and can increase a company's competitive edge.

Short Description: This is internet era. Now everybody, every businessman have same opportunity to growth