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About Us

Metafora Corp (IDMETAFORA) is a leading specialist in Information Technology Solutions based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
From web you found us, from web we are growth and from web we will empower your business. We are open to be your business partner as a Web Developer.

Metafora was running web development company since April 2014. Since 4 years ago we was serving web development, we was have clients from Java Island, Sumatera, Borneo, Sulawesi and some client from others country in Asia. We are one of big web development company from Indonesia.

With big dedication and passion in web developement, we are rapid growth and always dynamic with digital industry. We have a commitment to always bring the best result, the best services and the best price to every single Metafora Client.

Our Vision

To be the best tech company In Indonesia, who be representative tech company from Indonesia in the World.

Our Mission

Giving the best services to all of our partners and stakeholders.
Building human resources who have a competence in tech industry.
Collecting the best Indonesian talent to give the best services to our partners.


To support our vision we have a tag line, “With Digital We Empowering Your Business“.